“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-8

The Farewell Party

I was standing still in front of the farewell party site which Tina and everybody hold for me. I was afraid to go in for no reason. I was afraid it was filled with love for no reason. And I didn’t know why at that time. About my father, and my era.

Chief: Takeru. Thank you for coming. Please come in. You are the hero night. Takeru was wearing a little dress up formal wear. Beautiful Tina and beautiful people.

Suddenly magnificent and beautiful music began. When I came in, everybody in the village was an orchestra and playing. Everybody became an orchestra. Was it for me or for farewell? Really? I took my hands with Tina and Chief, and came into the party site.

Everybody’s eyes were filled with love and embraced me. How beautiful they are! Only Tina walked toward the orchestra. I felt a little lonely without her, but the chief conducted for me. Tina turned her back and started singing suddenly.
Tina: Takeru. Be sure to come back. I’ll sing “Dream of God”.

Dream of God
Lyrics & Music: Tina

Never imagine the farthest end of the universe,
because you will know the world is not real.

We are living in the unknown in reality.
Never ever realize it because you will find love.

Always, whatever happens,
I can live with you forever in reality.

All people who suffer and become sad
just don’t know the truth of the world.

Never ever realize the universe is a dream of God,
because you will find a world of love.

When you really shine,
you will know everything will live eternally.

When you are sad,
I will always help you release everything.

For everybody to realize it is a dream of God,
I will tell you everything and let everything be a dream.

Tina: Thank you. Tomorrow Takeru will go back to his father’s. Whatever happens, all people are one. I’ll sing another song, “A Promised Place” This is for you.

A Promised Place – I wish to see you there
Lyrics & Music: Tina


Someday I will surely return
to you, to the promised place

However, much time passes,
It never changes and fills my heart

I wish to see you someday.
I wish to see you.

However far we are apart, I’ll never forget
I will see you at the promised place.

I happened to hear of the promised place,
where there is no conflict in my childhood.

I dreamed of the time when we can live together,
Filled with a happy smile of the beloved.

Why do we hurt each other and become sad every day?
All of us used to be love and connected as one in ancient times.

However far we are apart, I’ll never forget,
I’ll see you at the promised place,
I’ll see you at the promised paradise.


I have never spent such time. I have never felt some beautiful days. I met beautiful people and said good-bye. I thoroughly felt I was happy to be alive.

After Tina’s song, I met many people and talked with them. I embraced with other and took hands with them.

Yomi: Whatever happens, please life in love.
Jan: Everything is connected as one at any time.
Emina: We are in eternal love.

Well: We’ll surely be together forever. Please don’t always forget me.
Lemurie: We are in the same love if we are ten thousand years away.
Murte: You are always me, and me are you.

I couldn’t hold my eyes. Love was truly there.
I experienced it. I clearly saw lives of people who believe in oneness with my eyes. My father must have had the same experience.

The world is filled with love. Renowned architect and my father’s friend always told me.
Ed: Right. This world is love. The world is made of love.
I was seen by Tina, by Gon and other animals. I was embraced by the real words which the sky, the wind and the ocean tells the earth, mountains, trees, and everything beautiful. Watching after the poetry, I went up to the sky, in the light and in the sky. I went up to heaven.
I came back to the mystical world of plasma within beautiful selflessness.