A Promised Place

- I Wish To See You There

Advance Reservation of MARTH Animation Movie​

We will release the contents of the animation for enlightenment and awareness for humanity.
We will start the advance reservation sales of the movies that are exceedingly beautiful. 

Exclusive customers of advance reservations will receive previews and special movies
before the main version is released, including Tina, Takeru, and other characters’ messages.

Special Movies

We will update special contents that enhance impressions of 
“A promised place – I want to see you there,” such as secret production stories by staff, Precious unreleased scenes, Backstage making movies, and so on!

The subscribers can watch the unreleased music films of Marth’s dynamic orchestra recordings.

New Information

We will send new information to the subscribers. You will enjoy “The Promised Place” further by knowing its production progress from the beginning until its release.

Benefit: Complementary Treatment

You will receive advanced information on picture books, novel, soundtrack CDs, and novelty items other than the movie’s distribution. 

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