“A Promised Place – I wish to see you there” Story1〜4-1


A highland scenery of Musashino is extending…
It was an early Summer day.
The sky was clear, and only towering thunderclouds were magnificent…
I was walking with Lili with my father at Musashino riverbed.
Father: Various trees and flowers are beautiful. They have their own name. Don’t they look divided, separate?
Takeru: Of course …
Father: Yeah, do you think it ordinary? But it’s not true in fact…
Takeru: Huh!, what are you talking about?
Father: In reality, everything is connected as one… A man doesn’t know it.
Takeru: What do you mean?
They found them stop walking. Right. They were standing still…
Father: I have many things that I haven’t told you…
Takeru: What?
Takeru looks at Father, and Lili looks up at him
Father: What was a message from your school principal?
Takeru: It’s not important, well, is it important?
Father: in silence
Father: He is such a rare man of purity…
Takeru: Well, may be so…
Father: He trusts you…
Takeru: Yeah, may be so…
Takeru: My friend, Yamada, cut the wrist because of trouble with his friend during the summer vacation. I heard he went to hospital…
Father: Really? It must have been hard on him. His job has become troublesome…don’t you think so?
Takeru: …
Takeru: I’m going to school later…
Father: I see…
Father: The world is being filled with separation now…
Father: Trees and flowers are beautiful. The beautiful water is flowing by on the earth… Takeru, don’t you think so? Why do we fight?
Takeru: What are you talking about? I don’t understand.
Father: I just thought how beautiful the Musashino plains were ten thousand years ago.
Takeru looks at his father.
Takeru: What! what are you talking about?
Lili looks up at Father.
Father: Let’s go to the hillside.
Takeru: The promised hill… Don’t you think it a little far? Well, O.K.
Takeru: By the way, why is it called the promised hill?
Father, Lili in silence
The promised hill. A big tree. Beautiful scenery
Current Musashino plains are overlapping the scenery of ancient land where Tina lives.
The camera is zooming at the house.
Time went back to the past. House of Yoshino family before the walk
It’s a typical Japanese house that continues good old days
Well, Pig-shaped Kayari, Watermelon, Somen, Furin (wind- chime)
The camera is caressing them.The gentle voice of Mother
They are good friends with the carps in the pond that are keepsakes of their deceased grandfather.
They live with Lili, Usa, and Pea.
The sound of Higurashi and Cicada is the background music
Father and Takeru are eating some.
Mother: Let’s eat the first watermelon after some.
Takeru: Yay! Lili: Yay!
Father: I’m happy…
The sound of wind chime in the wind. Cicadas’ sound. Higurashi’s choir is nice..
The mother brings watermelon.
Mother: What was the mail from your school principle? It’s a summer vacation.
Takeru: Well, it doesn’t matter…
Father: Shall we take a walk with Lili?
Takeru: Okay.
Father: Let me change my clothes.
A piece of picture dressed up at Father’s office is being focused.
And you’ll see the ancient Musashino plains.
Father and another man, Osa, Kisia
Walking Takeru, Father, and Lili
Beautiful streets, to the river, the sound of children
Gently blowing wind Warm sunshine
Suddenly Takeru abruptly says something during the walk
Takeru: Why did you become a scientist?
Father: Huh, why?
Takeru: You said the principle’s duties are troublesome, no, painful…
Father: in silence
Father: Grandfather was a scientist. He was an assistant to nuclear bomb development in the Japanese army.
Takeru: So, you dothe same.
Father: Well…
Father: He was staying in a neighboring area when the atomic bomb was dropped at Hiroshima. He said it looked close by…
Father: I often heard him talking about strange things when I was a child.
Takeru: What is it?
Father: I heard some people in the old times, for example, who looked like samurai, appeared everywhere…
I didn’t take his words seriously at first. After that, he talked about plasma to me.
He said everything looks different from reality within nuclear fusion at several thousand degrees.
Takeru: Was he talking about time-warp?
Father: Well, that’s right…
Takeru: So, he became a quantum mechanics scientist.
Lili looks up.
Yoshino house at night
Good old wood bath with log fuels
Father: Takeru! Why don’t you take a bath with me?!
Takeru: What are you talking about?
Father: Wash my back!
Takeru: Idiot… muttering
Father: I used to take a bath with him in the past. He often told me to wash the T-zone of the face. I wonder what it was…
Takeru: (monologue) No way. Shall I take a bath with him?
At the bathroom
Father: Continuing from the last story,
There is something underground in my office. It’s a secret story, but do you want to listen?
Father: Within a realm of plasma, time, space, reality, and of course, beyond the law, separation will disappear.
Takeru: in silence
Father: We can immediately move to the past, to the future, and to the end of the universe.
Father: It is not the world that we call a reality. In fact, that is the reality of true science. Do you understand, Takeru?
Father: It is the realm that we cannot explain other than a dream of God or the world of thoughts of the creator.
Old quantum mechanics scientists were at a loss, stopped, stayed still, and escaped from it.
It was difficult for them to explain it to humanity.
Takeru: in silence
Father: Humanity will have big trouble. If you know the truth, the world will completely change.
Takeru: You mean, the truth of this world is not this world, but a spiritual world in reality… That’s unacceptable.
Father: Right. But more than that.
Therefore, everything is a dream of one being. Everything is connected as one.
If you have thoughts strayed from there, your electrons will become out of order.
You may even punish yourself. You may destroy yourself.
Father: Substances, in other words, molecules are enhanced by words and thoughts…
Takeru: Is that so?
Takeru: Dad, do you mean you time-warped before?
Is there a time warp device in the underground?
Father: Yes, that’s right…
I went ten thousand years back with the device.


The next day, in front of the school principal’s office
Takeru: I brought Yoshiko…
School principle: Oh, Yoshino! Come in! Thank you for coming…
Takeru: You look good. I’m glad.
School principal: What are you talking about? I’m not good. I mustn’t be.
School principal: Where is Lili?
Takeru: I kept her tied up downstairs…
School principal: Is that right? You could have brought her here. No one is here now…
School principal: By the way, does your father know you are coming here today?
Takers: Yes. I’ll see him later… I said you’re suffering, as well.
School principal: Did you? You said more than enough, but it’s O.K.
School principal: The world is facing a big problem…
Takeru: My father said the same…
School principal: I think he feels the same… Separation seems to be swallowing the world…
Takeru: Right…
School principal: Children are repelling each other. They cannot love each other within such a value of separation.
Everybody is a rival, not so, an enemy. What shall I do? I cannot make them happy.
Takeru: in silence
School principal: When a child comes home, the world, the society with a belief of separation is waiting for him…
Certainly, he suffers. Nothing wrong with children…
Takeru: So, do adults experience the same?
School Principal: They may be so. Truth is vital now.
No, as your father always told me, the scientific truth, the quality of oneness is vital now.
I thought on my way back home.
When I was still one year old, I desperately wanted to see the world my father visited…
Takeru murmured as if obsessed with thought…
I was standing still there for no reason when I arrived at the front of my father’s laboratory.
I couldn’t but feel something troublesome about what will happen from now on…
I found myself drawing back… about something that will happen now…
to be continued…

Chapter 3

At Father’s Laboratory
Takeru: Dad, here I am…
Father: Oh! Good…
Takeru: Both of you say the same words.
Father: What! Same words? Who? Ah, Takemoto… We’re together for a long time. Maybe we became alike…
Father: How was the conversation with the principal?
Takeru: He said it is a world of pain…
Father: Right… (Sigh) A strong sense of reality and separation is covering the whole world…
Father: Take a seat. Enjoy the best coffee with special water…
Takeru: What?
Father: All water here is made into plasma with a special method…
Takeru: What do you mean?
Father: Drink it anyway!
Takeru: Yes…
Takeru drinks coffee.
Takeru: Well, it somehow tastes refreshing.
Takeru: What do you want me to see secretly?
Father: Well, don’t be so hasty.
Listen to my difficult story first…
Takeru: Hmm
Father: First of all, plasma is the fourth state of the water. Solid-body, liquid, gas, and another state.
Ancient people called it as ether, or elementary particle. The spiritual phenomenon is, in fact, about the state…
Father: I could say it is the secret of life. Are you interested?
Takeru: Or course…
Father: This water has nearly seven times energy as thunder, and its nucleus (positive charge) and electrons (negative charge) are free and spread apart.
In fact, scientifically, it is not the water anymore…
Takeru: Do you mean it has become spiritual?
Father: You could say so… Humanity has never known the fourth state until now.
That’s why quantum mechanics will change the world from now on…
Takeru: You became a scientist after hearing the secret from Grandpa…
Takeru: Do you think scientists stay away from it for this reason?
Is it because nobody believes in the truth?
It is not this world. The world is a spiritual world…
Father: That’s right. I made this laboratory under the ground because of it, making use of my father’s asset left for me…
Takeru: People of the New Age and religion say similar things, as well…
Father: It doesn’t matter. Whatever they say, nobody will believe it is not a reality.
The society of separation and the world of pain will never stop to cease…
Uchida came. Her nickname is Utchii. She is rather funny than a beautiful appearance.
Uchida (Takeru’s school girlfriend) suddenly comes in. She is determined to say something to Takeru.
Uchida: You! Sense of reality!
Close-up of Uchida
Uchida: How long have you kept me waiting? It’s an important date! I was waiting for one hour!
Takeru: Oh, I forgot about it. Sorry! Dad, she is my friend, Uchida at school…
Father: I see… Hello.
Uchida bows politely.
Uchida: I’m his girlfriend, Uchida, well, that’s my Nozomi (hope).
Father: Ah, you are Nozomi…
Uchida: No way! You are an interesting guy!
Takeru: Uchida moved here from Kobe last year. I always agree in opinion with her… Let’s go over there…
Two of them walk to a neighboring office.
Takeru: I’m very sorry… I wanted to ask something about school…
Uchida: Well, don’t mind.
Takeru comes back.
Takeru: Dad, she went home.
Father: Are you O.K.? You broke a date.
Takeru: Well, I’ll do something about it…I want to continue…
Father: That’s right. The thought is made of elementary particles…
And it scientifically proves it is connected as one, and probably…
Takeru: Dream of God…
Father: Right. It is a world like a dream of one being…
Ancient people convey it as such. Soldiers said they return to one being… Ji (my grandfather) always said as such.
Everything is a dream, one, a dream of one person. It is a dream of thoughts like a virtual reality movie that looks material.
Everything doesn’t exist, a dream of love…
That is the scientific truth. Ancient science surpassed plasma quantum physics for sure…
Takeru: Plasma is a key to open the world…
Father: That’s right. Un-reality is the reality… Humanity never knows it.
In the world of substances and molecules, decay and oxidization occur. There is no death in the real world…
Takeru: Anti-gravity, teleportation, time-warp, telepathy, psychic, everything is possible in a dream….
You can immediately go to the end of the universe. Because it is in a dream… Right?
Father: That’s right. However, we can easily make a state of plasma electronically.
In the past, the U.S. Army made a mistake using Tesla’s electromagnetic coils.
It was not because of miscalculation but because of a misbelief that we are in the world that we think a reality.
However, it was a spiritual world.
Once you enter into it, you cannot control it. You need Sidi’s technology, in fact.
Your thought will materialize. What to do. What you want to do. Clear will. Thought.
Where to go is important. Just like the most advanced war plane, there is no control stick. Thought will control everything…
Father: Simple thought and firm belief are different. Deep thought is the key. Firm belief will materialize…
Takeru: That’s terrible. It will make big trouble. Humanity has negative thoughts, and they will materialize…
Father: Correct. We call such connection collective consciousness or belief. Humanity can create a virtual reality movie.
Father: You can go to a peaceful world where they just left Eden…
Father: Why don’t you try to go?
Takeru: I want to go…
Father: You need a little training. Ability to feel that this world is not material, which we call reality. And strong and deep belief. It’s a control power. Paradoxical controlling power…
Takeru: I want to learn them…
Takeru: Dad, that is, why does humanity suffer? No, the reason why everybody suffers is…
Father (as if interrupting) Right. Separation, and a sense of reality from there. Fear of death.
It is the reason why humanity left the paradise of love, why men’s thoughts and collective consciousness produced the world of materials and molecules.
I have studied it, your grandfather, and your great-grandfather did…
Takeru: Love is oneness. Everything is scientifically connected as one in reality.
We have lost, and become egotistic, no, we have become separated. Right?
Father: That’s right. TAKERU…
Father: Why your friends suffer, and adults feel pain are that they lost eternal life like elementary particles and eternal love of oneness.
In reality, everything will be alive in love eternally. That is what true science has discovered…
Father: My college friend was a scientist like me. He developed instant glue. He died young due to cancer.
He said as his last words, “I was deceived by society… True science is love.”
Takeru: I think I understood everything important…
Father: Takeru, you need a strong belief that you can definitely go there… If you really want to see the real world of truth…
Father: And one of the most important things. Therefore, elementary particles are a dream of the creator, not so, they are their thoughts.
Therefore, they are out of the law… They neither decay nor oxidize; in other words, they are eternal forever…
And if I dare to express it in a religious way, we need words to make everything molecule as it is neither thought nor existence.
We need profound power of separation, naming by words, meaning, and direction of consciousness.
And belief within altered consciousness makes substance strong.
On the other hand, sound without meaning, which we call Mantra and Shingon in religion, tend to return to thoughts of elementary particles.
And if we believe in thoughts, materialization will be enhanced…
Takeru: That means, even if a body made of molecules decays and what we call death occurs, real-life of elementary particles doesn’t die and stay alive… Right?”
Father: Well, that may be right. As ego and separation are illusions, to begin with, they don’t exist… Molecules only look as such.
Takeru: In other words, the creator, one, and one being…
Father: Right… It is difficult to convey…
Takeru: Therefore, everyone is egoless, essence. One being is truth and love…
Father: That’s right, Takeru. In this world, the truth what we call “I”, ego, what we call death, beyond decay and oxidization is hidden behind.
You will enter into the truth, into the actual world…
Takeru: So, when we believe in separation and doubt love, we will be punished for awakening, and destroy ourselves…
Father: That’s right. Within thoughts of the love of oneness, conflict and fighting due to separation are considered wrong activities between our fellows and one being.
The true essence of a man, which is a subject of creation, in other words, molecules seem to make electrons out of order, let them know, and try.
They are made quite well to make it a strong message.
We could consider that cancer cells are the ones that lost mending function, just like self-control of the love of their other-selves.
Takeru: Troublesome. Humanity will make trouble from now on…
Father: Yes, that’s right. Humanity strongly believes in separation, and they are in fear. And it will be a group of consciousness and create a reality…
Father: Everything is a part of the subject of creation. I could say such movement of cells is a manifestation. Everything is bound by the law of the love of oneness.
Takeru: We could say everybody is unknowingly punished himself…
And because of separation, conflict, fighting, and fear…
Father: Yes, Takeru. The world where you’re visiting that of plasma, is a spiritual state, like thoughts of the subject of the creator, no, like a dream of a virtual reality movie…
Takeru: And this world materialized by molecules is nothing but a condensed plasmatic world, as well. Right?
Father: That may be so…
For about several hours, I received a magnificent, romantic, and spectacular lecture from my father.
He showed me several devices such as plasma and his creation…
I was driven by both sides of myself which is puzzled and yearning for a return to love…
The training lasted for one week.
And I traveled for the world of yet half-spiritual world, going back to ten thousand years.

Chapter 4

Takeru: After that, I joined a week training. In the human world, children are still enjoying summer holidays…

I learned Sidi and meditation from my father. Within the altered consciousness and meditation, I thought such belief that I can be, I can be is important. I will definitely become as I imagine. What shall I do? To think as such will make things materialize, realize and make them molecules easily. It fit my way of thinking…

Then, my father said,

Father: Takeru. Everything is connected as one. No, not so, it is made of thoughts of the subject of creation. The subject of creation The subject of creation considers oneself. It is the same as we consider ourselves.

Everything in the universe embraces consciousness of love. All is like his dream. Therefore, the value of separation will bring tremendous confusion. He sends out a strong command like a message, trying to regain malfunction of the part. Humanity considers trouble, punishment, destruction and ruin. In other words, it is a strong caution from the existence to return to the love of true essence.

You will return to the time when it was ordinary. Values of men, animals, trees, plants and flowers, the earth, the water, and everything are there as a manifestation of the universe, and of love. It’s a beautiful place…

To hear him talk as such, I wanted to visit there more than before. Things consider each other. It is the world where everything communicates with love. I couldn’t but help feeling it is a completely different world from the one of molecules born out of substances, not so, of a sense of separation, from the world filled with fear.

It is where you can communicate with everything in the universe in love…

We can communicate with everything in the universe in love. The earth, the sky, the ocean, beautiful animals… How wonderful the world is!

On the other hand, I am so sad to see the present world where people believe in separation such as conflict, superiority complex, comparison, fighting and competition. Everybody felt like killing himself. Everybody was off because of fear.

I was in pain for a week. It was filled with much awareness and love. The world of loving and being loved. To everything…

Father: Takeru. You cannot avoid visiting there. You are destined to be there. You will be drawn there… He kept telling me as such again and again. Maybe because the belief is more important in the spiritual world of elementary particles than anything…

Plasma devices of my father’s invention were incredibly wonderful.

I will see beautiful secret of humanity in front of me. I will start a journey tomorrow for the purpose.

A line of light of Takeru was falling down from the clear sky.

The beautiful earth is expanding there. All lives are watching over the splendor. Takeru went back to one thousand years. He was finally there…

I am falling down from the sky now… I started on a journey with a lot of sadness and a lot of expectation. It was my first time in my life to think that I want to create a wonderful world. And here I am… I feel strange. I am slowly going down from the sky. I was feeling fulfilled, not so, at peace and joy which I have never felt before.

What on earth is my feeling that I can see everything is love? I was in a light ball. I was floating in the air for a while, and then, quietly going down to the earth in the beautiful forest like soft moss garden.

Everything is bliss. It looks shining. I can see the forest is interested in me with joy and talking about me. I feel I can understand their language. It is a magical and wonderful world. I may have been in meditation for a while there. Everything was in peace of bliss which I have never experienced before.

Takeru: I felt someone picking at me. Who did it? Who?

I began to become conscious, like ending of a dray dream or a nap.

Then, beautiful animals were surrounding me, in front of my eyes. They were so gentle. I’m not afraid at all. It’s amazing.

Takeru (monologue): I have seen this before. Ah! Yes! Animals are gathering around Buddha to listen to histories, in a comic story. I felt as such and thought I am still human.

I felt a beautiful animal like a white wolf talking to me for unknown reason.

Wolf: Tina is waiting for you. Let’s go with me.

They walk like floating a little up in the air. I float and follow them.

I thought strength of gravity may be different here from our world. No, it is such a human way of thinking. My mind hasn’t changed. WHAT A SHAME!

I hear someone talking deeply from afar in my heart. I feel the place seems shining thought it is far away. It is a mysterious scenery.

Tina: Takeru. I was waiting for you for a long time.

I felt as such, not so, I heard as such. Definitely, but in my heart…

I saw a standing figure. It was a like a beautiful girl

Takeru: Who are you? Why do you know me? What are these animals?

Tina: What are ANIMALS?

Takeru: I’m talking about these lovely children.

Tina: You mean Gon-chan and others. They are called ANIMALS after one thousand year. Right?

Takeru: Yes…

Tina: I see.

Tina: Moving animals take away “plants” are animals. Right?

Takeru: Would you tell me what you mean?

Tina: Polite words. Are you a serious person?

Takeru: Well, not really.

Tina: All lives respect the earth and soil and live with them. ANIMALS? What you say and plants are the same. We walking plants produce the soil and carry it around. So, your ANIMALS. Everything is in the world of oneness now. I’m sure you will feel it.

Takeru (murmuring): It is already difficult…

Tina: What? What did you say anything?

Takeru: No, nothing…

Tina: What we call the intestines produce the earth and the soil, and they take energy from there. The bacteria living there have converted elementary particles, and because of those bacteria, this world is always shining beautifully … Supplying the necessary energy …

Therefore, we can move and fly in the sky….

Takeru: Eh! Can you fly the sky?

Tina: Of course. Do you want to fly with me?

Takeru: Yes.

Tina: You really are serious…

Tina: I’ll show you this beautiful world.

It’s a world where everything is one. Let’s go!

Takeru: Yes. I may be serious…

As soon as I felt extreme anti-gravity force, I floated up to the sky. I felt something tossing me. Hand in hand with Tina, strangely, I could fly.

A beautiful world was spreading there. A warm heart was there, we feel everything is connected as one. Not only men and animals, trees, the water, the air, mountains, and everything neither has self-boost for separation, nor have an ambition of ego, nor have a monopoly, nor try to take somebody to one’s side, nor to win over others. It seems to me all of them filled with looks of consideration, friendship, and love for no reason.

It was something I couldn’t find in my world. I thoroughly feel I was afraid of it in the world of separation. It was as my father said. I feel this something now…

Is this some real quality that we call love? I strongly felt as such while floating in the air. It is not only beautiful but truly beautiful world.

I am flying in a beautiful world with Tina. Tina is trying to convey beyond words with warm hands connecting with each other. It is neither a mountain, nor river, nor ocean. We name and call them as such, but everything is something immeasurably unknown.

You don’t have to believe in separation. We are in an unknown place now. It is eternally unknown beyond molecules. A beautiful world of gods. Everything is a dream of God of creation. We are flying in the mystery.

Tina: Hold my hands tight. I’m going to through the cliff.

Takeru: What?!

Takeru: Wow!

Tina: Let’s go. Don’t be afraid. It is the same as you. The same thought of God. We’re going into the same thing.

Takeru: I went through the rock. Inside of the rock was shining. It was not a rock. What shall I say? I don’t know if it was a miracle or a dream. Everything… The rock was me. Everything was me.

The rock, mountains, valley, river, and everything are ourselves. All of them are the dream of God. I feel like I was awakened from a sense of reality, which is separation, to the real world.

For about several hours after that, in the love-like dream, in something beautiful, words, self and separation were gone. And beautiful time flew and two of us went down to the earth…

Tina: My father is waiting. He’ll guide you to our village.

Takeru: Yes.

I feel dizzy. I feel like I have no weight. I walked for a while with Tina. The surrounding forest was beautiful in the coming dusk. Looking back, fellow animals and plants were following me. I was happy for no reason. I saw a village and many people waving their hands.

Takeru: You can walk, too.

Tina: Of course.

Takeru: Is a man in the middle your father?

Tina: Why do you know? Because he’s in the middle?

Takeru: No, he has the same light as you.

Tina: Great! You can feel it. Cool, and Right!

Tina: He was your father’s best friend beyond time.

Tina: and we will definitely be as such…

Takeru: Eh, is that so?

The people surrounding me were villagers; I wonder what they are.

They are not human at all. They look like a human, but something beautiful other than that.

Takeru: People are unusual.

Tina: They are ordinary. Well, maybe, they don’t have separation.

Takeru: (like a monologue): People who have neither sense of separation, nor self, nor ego, nor comparison, competition, plundering, nor the ambition of control look to me as such and make me feel as such…

Takeru: Amazing! What has humanity done?

Takeru: Can a man become as such? Can he be such beautiful and loving? I was closely watching the possibility of a man and humanity now. And I couldn’t move at all.

The mysterious energy they are releasing is something we call love? I HAVE NO IDEA. It was something I had never seen before.

I was taking a glimpse of the wonderful terribleness of the world without separation now.

Tina: Papa. He’s finally here. Your friend’s son has come from the future.

Chief: Takeru. I was waiting for you.

Takeru: Ah, Yes. I am Takeru. Nice to see you.

Tina: You are really SERIOUS. LOL,

Takeru: Tina had guided me to the sky, not so, in the sky. Ha…

Chief: Are you all right?

Takeru: Eh, Yes.

Takeru: Many villagers are here. I wonder why they are so quiet. I feel there’s love. They are many but feel like one. How mysterious!

Takeru: Thank you very much.

Chief: I’m glad you’re here. All of us were waiting for you.

A beautiful village woman came to me with something in her hand.

Chief: This is a gift from all of us. The dress is created here.

It is woven for you.

Takeru: Ah, Thank you very (much)

Tina (as if interrupting): Be sure to wear it. It is made of the same material as you. It must be GENTLE.

Takeru: I walked into the village with one being and many people. It was a completely different feeling from our world. I was, in a sense, afraid of a feeling that melts into everything. I am still a human, staying to be separate, with fear.

But I was so happy. Everything was so warm there. My father’s life changed after coming here. I didn’t understand how he changed. I unknowingly murmured that I was sad and sorry that I couldn’t understand my father. No, I think I felt sorry for the first time in my life. I wonder if it is a regret.

I was thinking of such a thing like a running horse light…I wonder if I had seen this world from my father, mother, and Lili’s perspective.


I was thinking as such. I’ve never had consideration for others.

Mom, I want to see you, Lili, Dad, I want to apologize to you

Sad, for no reason, I have become not current humanity-like, a little.

Takeru: Ha… (Sigh)

The party began. Incredibly loving and beautiful meals and fellows who devote their lives to our party. When I thought of fruits and vegetables, I couldn’t stop my tears. I danced with everyone hands in hands. I started crying again because of sadness and love. My open eyes were looking down. I couldn’t blink my eyes. I wondered why such clear shining water falling down.

I felt love welled up around my nose and felt the pressure.

Chief: Takeru. Are you all right?

Takeru: Uh, Uh, Yes.

Tina: SERIOUS boy

Tina smiled at him.

Chief: We’re going to have your welcome party. Today is a festival, not so, a party for you.

Takeru: Ah. Thank you! (Bow)

Tina: You are SERIOUS after all.

Chief: I learned the future language from your father. The Mountain, river, ocean, sky, earth, plants, and animals and everyone understands your language as we are connected as one.

Takeru: Is that so? What a world! What a magnificent world! I lose my words. Why do I cry? Why? Why do I love my father and think of my mother? Why do I love Lili and my friends? I just felt like crying forever. I’m sad, sad, and I feel love…

I didn’t know that I would not be able to see my father anymore at this time.


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