“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-5

Tina’s Laboratory


Tina stayed in the lab every day and never left for a day.

In front of the door of Takeru’s room

Jan: Takeru. Tina is calling you from her lab. She wants you to come over.

Takeru: Thank you. Please tell her I’ll be there when I’m ready.

Jan: Thank you very much.

All of them are sincere and good. I feel like loving them all. I got ready quickly, and went to Tina’s lab. I heard everybody talking through the door in front of the lab.

Jan: We should tell him about it, after all.

Yomi (female): What will happen to us when we lose the quality of oneness? It is nothing but pain.

Well: We should tell him, though.

Tina: All things the universe decide has to be conveyed to humanity.

Everyone: silence

Knock, knock

Takeru: Here I am. Takeru

Tina: He’s always SERIOUS. LOL.

Tina: (monologue): He can overcome it.

Well: Takeru. We made a promise to your father. He is a very sincere man. We love him.

And this laboratory was born for love for him who loves humanity. How can we save future humanity? How can humanity overcome the separation which divides them?

Yomi: Your father desperately asked us for help. He wanted to save the world and our future.

We were full of tears, and we continue to seek something to heal the sadness of the future generation since then, for the future of ten thousand years ahead and for your father’s love.

Takeru: I know nothing about my father. I thoroughly feel so. Sad. I hate him, or do I love him? Dad. I’m sorry. Why do I love you when I am sad?

Tina said to Takeru who is standing still.

Tina: Takeru. What we’re going to tell you is very painful for the future of humanity. And maybe for us, as well.

Takeru: Eh!

Tina: God hates separation. We, the subject of the creation of oneness, recognize separation as “Kegare” and try to release it. The strength of the message can be equal to nuclear fusion. If we blindly believe in separation within the world of “Iyashiro” in oneness, there may be no future for humanity and for the individual.

Tina: a person in charge of each depart will convey just the beginning of their study from now on. Is it O.K.?

Takeru: Ah. Yes!

Tina: Then, Yomi, please tell us about your result about the cause.

Yomi: Yes. It’s about the reason that humanity left paradise. They give a part of one being each name; yes, they produced words. These are to divide something like one, give a name and, make them feel the division.

Since then, a molecule in which future generation calls will enhance its materialization.

Then, humanity began to believe in the sense of separation caused by name in earnest, and strongly believed in thoughts made of naming, which we call knowledge, and in SEPARATION. Do you understand?


Takeru: Ah, Yes.

Tina: Next comes five senses. To control each part, the creation created them for our conveniences. I think five senses are made to control each part. Okay. Please go ahead, Yomi.”

Yomi: That’s right. Five senses, especially the sense of touch, are necessary to protect the self, a part of the universe, and to move it. It can enhance the thought and belief that a certain area is a self, as well. Then, it enhances the materialization of the body and makes them molecules. Plants and animals begin to divide the self and the other because of a sense of touch.

Tina: What about the benefit of five senses?

Yomi: Especially about protection, for example, we don’t fall, we don’t fall down, we avoid, we have pain, we try to heal by recognizing it. We have many benefits from it. On the other hand, we need to be careful because of the enhancement of protection.

Tina: Excessive protection, or doubt and as such?

Yomi: Right. In other words, unless we deal with it carefully, it can be a cause of division that encourages a sense of separation.

Yomi: And if you blindly believe in name and five senses arising from it, the ego will be boosted, materialization enhanced, the quality of oneness and the unknown lost, the world of thought of creation decreased, and the world of material and molecule will be increased. As a demerit, thoughts produced by such belief will lead humanity to fear.

Tina: Takeru. Do you hear her? Are you in a haze?

Takeru: Ah Yes.

Tina: SERIOUS, after all.

Takeru: They take my father’s request really earnestly and do their best.

And my father risked his life to desperately make our future better. The principal knew it, too. I feel like I lived my life meaninglessly without knowing it.


Takeru (somewhat sternly): Yes. I’m listening. Please go ahead.

Tina: He’s OK.

Yomi: I’ll continue. It’s about materialization about Sidi technology. This world is made of thoughts of the subject of creation. As its children, it’s part and the other-half, we are allowed to materialize it to a certain extent.

Familiar events of the children of the universe can be expressed by our thoughts and those of our neighbors, and by a group of thoughts.

Belief in thoughts will enhance making things, molecules, and materials. The value of reality with one being make electrons circulate in order and create a state called “Iyashiro”.

And molecules and atoms produced by a sense of separation make electrons circulate in out of order. We call this state “Kagareta”. Are you following me?

Takeru: Yes.

Yomi: The world of molecules made out of it will be the one where deterioration increases, which you call entropy. It can be called decay and oxidization.

Tina: Yomi. Please wait.

Yomi: Sure.

Tina: Takeru. Are you with us so far?

Takeru: Ah. Yes.

Tina: When we went into the wall, it was shining, though it’s a stone.

Takeru: RIGHT.

Tina: The rock is not a reality. Everything in this world is the ocean of thoughts. It’s a beautiful dream of God. You call it elementary particle, electron, photon, or plasma. The substance is not substance. It is a belief.

Takeru: It seems as such…

Takeru: Dad tried to reveal what is most important for humanity. That is a secret of love, thoughts of God, a beautiful world. This world has been an immeasurably wonderful place for us.

DAD. You look so great to me now. I simply think so for no reason.

You lived a sincere life for love and justice, and I am glad to be your son.

I didn’t know the future of sadness and pain coming from now on then.

Tina: Takeru. Shall we continue?

Takeru: Please go ahead.

Tina: What kind of situation will we have after that? And how will we walk our life until one thousand years? Please continue, Lemurie.

Lemurie (female): All right. Takeru. Are you with us?

Takeru: Yes.

Lemurie: By giving name separately to the one being and by five senses, the ego is born. And the self and the other, which is a sense of separation arising from there, spread the world immediately.

As the function to protect yourself, which was fairly a part of the universe strengthens, such thought as “I doubt if I can protect myself” or “I wonder if there is other” and as such, spread out to the world.

Tina: Nobody ever has imagined that each one of one-being becomes firmly materialized, made molecules, believed to be divided, fight each other, compare each other, compete with each other, take each other and kill each other yet.

And the darkness began to suffer humanity more than anything. We simulated it with Sidi technology. As a result, we found that humanity cannot survive within the belief of separation.

Then, why is Takeru here? I cannot but think that there must be people of the love of oneness at any time.

Unless many people of the beautiful heart who never want to become someone to harm others are left, humanity could have never survived.

Tina: Collective consciousness of love is SO HUGE.

Takeru: What a shame! Not at all! Everybody is killing himself. Everybody becomes aggressive. Because of a sense of separation, everybody is suffering. The principal knows the answer himself. He saw all children suffering, and he could not do anything about it. I wonder how he felt.

I could only see me standing miserably, stunned in silence. I am the same as them. I have become a man, not so, I have become ego now, buried in values and thoughts of separation.