“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-7

The next morning
The sound of knocking. My heart was almost broken. I am packed up and ready to go home.
Feeling glad, I immediately found all animals, including, Gon standing politely. I couldn’t find Tina there.
SS- HH- OO- CC- KK- SS !!

Gon the Leader: Tina is waiting for you at the hill. Please come with us. On our way, I’m going to convey the secret of this planet and the forest to you.

Takeru: I dated with beautiful plants and animals.

Tina realizes I’m going back. About my friends, my father and mother, and especially Lili, are definitely waiting for me. My fellows who suffer in the world of separation. That’s why she said, “before the farewell”.

I’m walking with everybody. I’m happy. The wind is soothing as if melting into my body. It may be so. Everybody is melting.

Gon: Let’s go into a rock.
Gon said we are going into the cliff with a waterfall in the forest. Following him, everybody went into the rocks as if melting into it.

I did the same. It is magic because of the half-spiritual world. You may think it is dark in the rock; it was shining brightly. My body was disappearing, being healed and melting.

I had no idea the rock is me, or I became the cliff. Together with plants and animals, we melted and became one being.

I went up the cliff out of the elementary particles where we melted together.

Tina: I was waiting for you. How was the inside of the cliff?

Takeru: Beautiful, Tina

Tina: That’s O.K. Then, we will be dating together.

Takeru: Eh! Eh! All of us! With plants and animals?

Tina: Are you happy?

Takeru: Ah, Ah, YES.


Takeru: Thank you very much.

Tina: Let’s go for a swim in the pond in the beautiful forest. In the beautiful forest, I jumped into the shining water. Brightly shining light went through my body. Gon and other animals melt into the water.

I saw something unimaginable.
A beautiful Tina took off her cloth and went into the water. What incredible scenery. How beautiful she is! I took off my cloth and swam into the water.

Water is warm, not so, it’s not water. Because of elementary particles, I had mixed feelings. It was such a mysterious feeling of comfort I’ve never experienced. I became the water, and the water became me.

I melt into Gon and other animals, and to Tina. It was BLISS, happiness, and became one with everything. It was the ultimate ecstasy. I became the water for the first time in my life.

My first incredible ecstasy was beyond everything in the human world. Not having my own body is such an extreme bliss.

When we don’t have the self, we will become happy. We will enter into ecstasy.

When we are ego, we feel suppressed, and painful. When we melt with everything, we become blissful and happy. On the other hand, if we are separated and misunderstand separated, we become painful.

I thoroughly felt it and realized the truth.

There is a joy of living, happiness of living, and the best life when we are connected with everything as one. Some people often say there is no God, but they suffer only in the world of ego. They don’t know the joy that comes out of it.

Self, in other words, ego or separation, make people unhappy. If we melt into one being, humanity will receive all bliss and ecstasy.

I already received all answers. I thoroughly felt that humanity has to stop separation and melt into the true reality, to one being. And from such bliss only, beautiful civilization will be born for the first time. We can create a paradise of love that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years.

Am I too tired to swim? No. As if losing consciousness because of extreme bliss, I was melting into the beach sand without any boundaries. It was a joy beyond time.

Tina: I’m dating with Takeru under a big tree on the hill. No, I’m going to talk with him. Everybody, please leave.

All plants and animals: Eh! What! Are you sure? They looked at each other with a dissatisfied expression.

I was the only happy one among them.

Is this ego? I don’t know. It was under the big chestnut tree. Tina was beautiful.

Tina: Suppose if you return and cannot come back, I am concerned. I feel something, but you should return immediately.

Takeru: Eh! What do you mean?

Tina: I DON’T KNOW. This is why we decided to have a farewell party today. Please go back tomorrow.

Takeru: Eh! But I like this.

Tina: No way. It’s important. You should go back. Something is wrong.

Tina: Takeru. If you cannot come back here,

Takeru: I can’t be.

Tina: In case, I will always be waiting for you under this tree on the hill for thousands of years. Please don’t forget it.

Takeru: Tina.
A beautiful wind is going through my body. I feel love for the wonderful world, and I wanted to embrace her. But I couldn’t.

Tina: And then, if you have something painful to be hurt, if you are hurt, please don’t fight. Always embrace the truth here. Embrace me. Embrace everything and forgive everything.

Tina and I walked in the forest, in the beautiful world filled with love and impressions. Love penetrated me and destroyed me for the first time in my life. I will go back to the world ten thousand years ahead tomorrow.