“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-5-2

Tina’s Laboratory2. Process of human separation and the future

Jan: Lemurie, thank you. I’ll take over you. 


Lemurie: Yes, thank you.


Tina: Please take over, Jan. From now on, we’ll enter into the flow. 


Jan: Takeru. Are you all right?


Takeru: Ha, Yes. 


Jan: I’ll explain to you a part of status simulation when a man earnestly believes in separation. 


Takeru nods. 


Jan: First, ego or “I” is born under the separation of the self and the other. A man is born as a part of the universe. He lives in love, in other words, in one being as he has fewer words and five senses until about three years of age. 

Like in our era, within the civilization of spiritual oneness, it lasts for a long time. 

People of your era, however, depending on each individual circumstances, a man will form ego until about three years age, though it may be different in each person. 

And I heard such formation of the ego considered to be good, and I investigated it. Therefore, I think babies can live in the love of oneness for about three years. 


Takeru (monologue): What a shame! How helpless! Is he saying that we lose love, peace, and healing when in our childhood?


Jan: I’ll continue, Takeru.


Takeru: Ah, Yes. 


Jan: The biggest demerit for humanity to form the ego maybe the ending of the ego, danger to the ego, and fear for ending it. In other words, it is a problem of death. The biggest problem of separation of the ego is fear. Now I’m going to call it fear caused by the ego. 


Jan: In our current world, all people don’t call the ending of substance, in other words, of molecules’ death, and they never think of it. It is a world of one being where everything is spiritual, or what Takeru calls elementary particle. The decay, oxidization, death, and life are in the world of a dream of the eternal subject of creation. People are aware that everything is one being. It is quite different from in your world.

Therefore, we have neither a part nor “death”, ending of the part. 



If you believe this beautiful world is of only molecules, consider it separate, it decays, oxidizes, ages, and becomes sick; there must be people who are engaged in self-preservation, self-enhancement, self-protection, and then, they drive them to conflict, compete, quarrel, deceive, uplift the ego and self-conceit. 


Even within the world where people blindly believe in the ego and separation, people who are aware that it is a scientific world of elementary particle, not so, of spirit and can feel as such, destruction caused by self-protection is limited to the individual and exempted from it due to the strong collective consciousness of love. 


Takeru: (monologue): What a shame! Our world is in a mess. Beloved Terra. Beloved mountains, rivers, the ocean, the big sky, animals, plants, and humanity. 


Jan: I’ll continue.


Tina: Wait, Jan. I will explain from here.


Tina: Takeru, listen carefully. It’s important. The subject of creation is, in a sense, sorrow within sadness. It is sorry that the children of creation are about to be ruined because we changed ourselves to the value of separation, due to the system which the creation made. However, I think we will never be ruined. 


All people in the laboratory were standing there and nodding. 


Tina: How do you know?


Takeru wagged his head weakly. 


Tina: Because you came here… 


Your father earnestly requested to us. He journeyed at the risk of his life. And he created a plasma device to move beyond time. 


And he sent you here. We have found an answer. We are familiar with the reason that humanity cannot live together more than anyone else. 

That’s why we can create the future for humanity. We can regain the beautiful world and love. Please send humanity our message. 


Takeru: I went to the laboratory for several days. I felt extreme joy of learning for the first time in my life. 


It was filled with impressions and hopes. Yet, it was neither separation nor desire of ego. I felt it was a learning for the true future of humanity like a piece of precious jewelry. 


I have begun to dream that humanity will deeply understand each other’s pain of separation, consider each other’s heartache, help, fill in each other’s differences of values, realize eternal life and grow love and gratitude. 


I couldn’t but express true respect and love to the sincerity of people who listened earnestly to my father’s request. 


I found my eyes wet, not so, true tears falling endlessly… 


I was in the laboratory the next day, too. 


Murte: Takeru. Aren’t you tired? May I move on?


Takeru: Ah, Yes. Of course. Thank you very much.


Tina: SERIOUS Boy, LOL. 


Murte: Within the value of separation, humanity will definitely make self and group and organization on allied of the self. Each organization will fight with each other. And they may think they can own all the world of creation, not so, made of a dream, of the subject of creation, or Terra, and the universe. And those who think they cannot own may get angry. 

By the way, Takeru. We don’t have such values as separation, resentment, conflict, hatred as such. I learned it through this study. Please pardon us. 


Takeru: Uh, well, unfortunately, I agree with what you said. 


Murte: Is that so? That’s what I imagined. Thank you very much. As a result, people who believe they own a part of the universe, or people or country who pretend that they give them permission may be born.  


Takeru: Ah, Yes. They are already born.


Murte: Is that so? So sorry to hear that. Everything belongs to God, not so, to the universe, to Terra. It is a world for everything in one being. I was concerned that it would be as such, after all. (Sigh)


Takeru: The world has become as you found in your study. 


Murte: (with a sigh): THANK YOU.





Murte: Takeru. People lose love, become heartless, and harsh, deceive each other, and plunder each other. Suffering from ambitions to protect the ego, they continue to collect something unnecessary to boost the ego. That’s what your father told us. It is really true?


Takeru: Humanity has become exactly the same as your result. 

Two of them sigh deeply. 


Murte: Takeru. I’ll continue. If humanity blindly believes in separation and is divided, the ego will naturally spend all its time fighting and competing and have a desire to enhance and boost the self, caused by the illusion of the self. 

Then, possession with a purpose of self-preservation and enhancement will cover the world, and people of one being will fight with each other to protect the possession. 


Takeru: Certainly. That’s what is happening in the world. 


Murte: Yes, people who continue to have a memory of the world of oneness that we currently have will survive for about several thousand years. They are our only hope. They will hate settlement, possession, self-boost, conflict, in other words, separation. 


Tina: Everything is one being for Terra, not so, for God. 


Takeru: (silence) Is it that we live our lives to win over others who are one? Will we find aggressive people of separation, become afraid, and continue to be threatened not to be deceived? 


I left the laboratory in despair. I knew Tina looking at me with worried eyes. But I had no strength to answer her in deep despair. I was only sighing, looking at the future of humanity. 


On the other hand, however, I could say I found both strong expectations and possibilities at the same time. 


On the last day of the presentation, I went to the laboratory to listen to the last lecture. Everybody was there. I don’t understand why they are happy. I just went for the last presentation.

There I found everybody who is connected with as one. 


Tina: Takeru. Today is the last day. Emina will present it.


Takeru: Yes. PLEASE. Serious me.


Tina: What are you talking about?


Takeru: Takeru. This is Emina. I will do a presentation today.


Takeru: Yes, please.



Emina: We conveyed and discussed so many solutions for the future of humanity for one week. I’ll talk about one of the most important solutions among them today. 


Takeru knods. 


Emina: First, the most important thing is JOY of release from ego. We don’t possess anything, but we are filled with everything, blessed with everything, and live in bliss. In a sense, however, everything belongs to us. 


On the other hand, why do people in the future stay to be in pain by transforming everything into the protection of the ego and possession? 


If the future, people realize that possession and protection of the ego never create happiness; they may abandon the separation, stop boosting the ego, and truly be freed from self-locking. 


Tina: We answered for two points, that is, men’s true joy and true sadness. 

They are neither joy of the ego nor its sadness. It is a joy of the true essence. It is the way to know the biggest joy of release which you have accumulated by the ego. 


Tina: It is a scientific fact that everybody can be awakened from ego and freed from it when they thoroughly realize a sadness of separation, truly leap for joy in the undivided world, abandon unnecessary things there, and return to everything that exists, not so, existed from the beginning as a part of the universe. 


That people who never need self-boost, self-preservation and its fear can really exist may be a magnificent awareness which follows beautiful fact of the universe. One important thing that the people of the future don’t know is the joy and release of castles that ego created and don’t really exist, or everything for protection, everything for self-preservation, and everything for its enhancement. 


Takeru: Ah


Emina: I’ll move on. And a manifestation of fact and illusion. Unfortunately, human eyes can see only physical status called a molecule. People see everything separate in the world of molecules. 


In fact, everything is the ocean called elementary particles, whether they are thick or thin. Everything is connected as one. And its elementary particle is named as such, but never unknown and mystical forever. 


All we can understand is that a part of its function, for example, that substance is made of thought. 


Therefore, all children need to learn the truth more than anything. That this world is connected as one. We are in the unknown and mystical. It is a dream-like place of the subject of creation. Everything is not named, but humanity only names it as such. I hope they can learn the truth. 


And there are two most important things. The universe is one being, and it is a dream of one. It extremely hates separation and tries to bring it back. It is a strong force that you call punishment. It’s about the explosively huge destructive force and ruin of atoms. 


Emina: One more is materialization and making things molecule. Molecule tries to return to the source when it is less seen. It is making things elementary particles. When there is neither meaning nor name, return to the source works. Meaning, knowledge, naming, belief, and thought are enhanced to become a molecule. Scientists should thoroughly learn Sidi. 


Humanity needs the awakening of scientists, their ability to reveal the truth, great awareness, and shift as your father. 


Time went by. I attended many lectures. In the end, Tina conveyed to us the possibility of immeasurable sadness and the future of love as a sum-up. 


Tina: What I’m going to tell you will definitely become very painful. But I have to tell you if it is inevitable for the future of humanity. 


It is about the fact that the subject of creation will give a message with huge energy to people who disturb oneness and believe in separation and promote it. 


It produces scientific or elementary particle-like messages of awakening (mass murder) by force of nature such as muddy current, tsunami, huge storm, large earthquake, large volcanic eruption, unimaginable famine, mass media, war, and every possible trouble of humanity. 

The most troublesome and terrifying thing is the force of destruction of elementary particles and the atomic nucleus and nuclear division. If a man loses relation with molecules, his elementary particles and electrons usually remain, but its eternal life will be lost. 

If humanity truly and scientifically realizes it, self-boost, self-uplift, conflict, and fighting will cease because of its silliness. 


Tina: That’s why I have to convey it to you now. Because of the force of punishment of separated self, and honesty of a man to do so is extremely strong and destructive, and punish himself strongly. 


We cannot abandon people who believe in separation and become evil because of it, however. That’s why we decided to convey it to people of your era. Please pardon us and listen. It’s a harsh story. Now is the time for humanity to earnestly realize the problem of separation scientifically. 


Tina: Takeru. So, you don’t need an ego to win or become better. You don’t need to protect the ego. You can release everything that protects ego. 

Ego’s collection is, in fact, nothing but rubbish. There is nothing good that the universe loves among them. 

The creation of the ego has no value. The creation of heaven, God, and nature has true beautiful value. Please make humanity realize it. 


Good night. 



My beloved.


Takeru: Did you say anything?


Tina: Yes, and no.


Takeru: On my way back to my room, I called something welling up filled with love for humanity and pain, something profound inside in my heart.