“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-6

And the morning,
Knock, knock, knock

Takeru: Yes. What do you want? Ah, Tina…

Tina: We’re going to fly now. Let’s go.

Takeru: Ah, Yes.

Tina: The true beautiful world, a paradise of oneness, everything is made of love, I’ll guide you to the beautiful planet.

I flew into paradise where the half-spiritual world remained with Tina. In the rocks, in the mountain, through the falls, down the valley, forests under our eyes, the beautiful sky, in the clouds, through the earth, and flew to the farthest end of the universe.

Takeru: Ah, meteorites are flying toward me. They will hit me. I am entering into them.

Tina: You’re O.K. We are one being.

Then, I traveled all corners of this beautiful planet with Tina.

To beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, and the ocean, and then

Tina: Now we’re going into atoms, elementary particles. Are you OK?

Takeru: Ah, Yes.

Takeru: Ahhhhhhh!

Takeru screams. “Where on earth is this space? Incredibly glaring light cubes are crashing! Beautiful so beautiful! Tina is beautiful, too…

Tina: You are you confessing the truth in the confusion moment?

Takeru: Ah, what is this?

Takeru: Incredible! Ah!

Takeru: I’m in a beautiful world, and I melt into the ultimate beauty and brightness. My body is gone. It disappeared.

Tina: What?

Takeru: I lost my body! But I’m here. I stay to be a human, but I don’t know who I am.

I’m neither interested in when it is nor where I am now. I’m only in BLISS embraced by the beautiful light.
So, this is it. The light is bright but not blinding.

I am here, but whoever he is not here. Everybody is connected as one. No problem if anybody becomes who I feel I am.

Mysterious feeling, no five senses, maybe are this where everything is connected as one? Is everything one being?

Yes, that’s right. It must be. Everything in the universe is one being.

Suddenly, tremendous ecstasy went through me as something like the body doesn’t exist but in the entire body. For some time, not so, for a long time, it continued. Is it ecstasy as I don’t have a body? While flying, I felt rigid.

I must look silly. Then, Tina said.

Tina: You don’t look so silly.

Takeru: Eh! She knew all my thought.

Tina: You are in Shinga now. Embraced by joy, bliss, and love, you become one. You are in tremendous ecstasy now, but TAKERU is not there.

“I” don’t really exist. Everything is one being. Everyone is connected as one, made of the same substances as the subject of creation. You call it love or God.

Everything is one. Therefore, thoughts that we learned and prepared in the human world has no value.

The universe is not made of separation. Everything is made of love there. Everything is one being.

Takeru: I was wondering about the sky within tremendous bliss.

The joy without the ego, without the body, and the joy and ecstasy melt into the universe, not so, to the subject of creation are beyond words. Humanity has lost it.

We are suffering from uplift, desire, and fear of the separated self rather than loving everything. We are deceiving everything as the ego.

Tina: Yes, that’s right.

Takeru: Again, my thought is seen.

Tina (in a telepathic conversation): I’m going to convey to you something without answers and results. Can you feel it? Can you hear me?

Takeru: Ah, Yes.

Tina (Telepathy): You don’t have to put it into the words. Convey how you feel with the heart. We can communicate with the hearts.

Takeru (Telepathy): You’re right.

Tina (Telepathy): After all, all the reasons why the world is destroyed is love, in other words, oneness. Lack of oneness. Nobody knows the universe is one being and connected with everything as one.

Especially science doesn’t know it. Therefore, people live a life believing blindly in the separation of the ego. Because of the wrong protection, they fight with each other to protect the wrong selves and hope to enhance and uplift of the selves.

Because of the separation, however, they lose bliss and become dependent on alcohol and drugs. Otherwise, they cannot preserve their original bliss.

Separation as conflict, comparison, and ego is not scientific truth, and it brings us tremendous pain and destruction.

Takeru (Telepathy): RIGHT. You are really RIGHT.

Tina (Telepathy): If people regain awareness of oneness and true science, if humanity and all beings return to love if people hate their desires, and society becomes healthy, civilization will flourish beautifully.

People can live happily and eternally. For the rest, they need to deliver such important awareness for the future generations and achieve true success, prosperity, and happiness, for each part and for the entire parts and for the universe. I hope they will regain true love in harmony with one being and happiness only found in oneness.

Otherwise, they will punish themselves and humanity will ruin.

Takeru (Telepathy): that’s RIGHT.

Tina (Telepathy): So, please make it a story and deliver it to the world. Please send it to the people in the future. That is your mission.

Takeru (Telepathy): I wonder if I can do it. I’m only a high school student.

Tina (Telepathy): You are saying something strange.

Takeru (Telepathy): Ah, she knows what I say. RIGHT. What about animation?

Tina (Telepathy): What is it? ANIKI?

Takeru (Telepathy): No. That’s OK. I just thought of it.

Tina (Telepathy): It will definitely become one.

Takeru (Telepathy): Eh?!

Takeru (in his mind): People have not known the universe is scientifically one being. Nobody has ever dreamed that its effect tremendously bounds us. Some people who hate to lose may think it is nothing but a silly talk of the spiritual world.

Humanity will definitely be ruined unless they know there is truth, fact, and scientific reality there beyond them. In fact, we are scientifically in the mystery of one being, whether we like it or not.

Tina (Telepathy): There is an original powerful law of the universe. Nobody can escape from it.

When we are in one being, there is prosperity and happiness. When we are separated, we will receive a message of destruction and ruin. Humanity needs to realize it thoroughly now.

Takeru (Telepathy): That’s right, Tina. You’re right. I think I just received the most important wisdom in human history and its message.

Takeru: Tina and I landed on the earth quietly.

Tina: Your hand is moisty like steam. Were you tense?

Takeru: Ah, Yes. Because you are beautiful.

Tina: What are you talking about? It’s not so, but you went into the mystery of oneness for the first time. Right?

Takeru: You are right, but also…

Tina (Telepathy): BAD guy beyond my expectation.

On our way back, Tina told me in telepathy.

Tina (Telepathy): Takeru, do you want to see me sing?

Takeru: Eh! YES.

Tina: I see. I’ll show you at the farewell party. Then, we have a date tomorrow.

Takeru: Eh! What!

Tina: Before saying good-bye

Takeru: On my way back home in the forest, I was in a pleasant sense of bliss. The world of oneness, with a strong quality of spirituality, Is this the wonder and true comfort of the world of unreality?

And I’m dating Tina tomorrow. I’m very happy because of it.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Love. Yes, I’m in love with her.
I’m in love with this beautiful world and Tina.