“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” story-4-2

Tina: Takeru, Takeru. Are you all right?

Takeru: Eh! Yes…

Tina: About tomorrow’s schedule, I want you to look over our test result of the solution of separation in the future. We were asked by your father to examine it a long time ago.

Takeru: Ah-hh, Yes.

Tina: I’ll see you in the laboratory.

Tina went away with the words. I was a little lonely.

Am I already in love with her, aren’t I?

The next day, Tina studies with Takeru at the laboratory.

Tina: As I consider “I” or the self (separation) exists, I think the people in the future desperately protect, fight, conflict, make a scheme, and feel anxious. Therefore, the future is made into a world of pain. What do you think?

Takeru: Do you mean we suffer and feel the pain to protect the self, which should exist, but in reality, should not?

Tina: Definitely so. We, in one being, don’t have separation and everything is connected as one. That’s what we don’t have a desire. Right?

Takeru: I see. Not being divided means no ego. No self wants to protect. Everything is melting into one being. There is no outstanding self from there. No self that it wants to protect that is, we are not afraid. And neither ambition nor desire of ego. And I don’t care about me. I feel comfortable because I don’t have to fight. It is natural because I don’t exist.

Future people believe that there are enemy and ally, and the self and the other. Therefore, we people in the future are separated and kill each other for self-protection. Am I right?

Tina: It may be right.

Takeru: It’s terrible. What shall we do? This thought of mine may be the protection of the ego.

Tina (to villagers and fellows who they study with): What do you think of?

Well (male): I’d like to ask you a question, Takeru. People in the future really hurt each other, which they call conflict or fighting?

Takeru: Yes. All of them are suffering. They are hurting each other within doubt.

Well: Is that right? I’m so sad. I’m so sorry. Is that true?

Villagers were agitated in the same way. To see them as such, Takeru was agitated differently.

Takeru (just like a monologue): They are quite different from us in the future. They don’t know separation; not so, they cannot believe in it.

Takeru: When you are hurt, no, when you are about to be hurt, how would people react if you know the world of one being? What would I do?

Tina: To harm others will be a sin that one doesn’t know oneness. People who never fight back are eternally in love, just like who realized the oneness and love. Am I right?

Takeru: That’s right.

I was standing still because of incredible sadness, not so, but of love.