“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-10

Ten thousand years ago. It is three months since Takeru went back.

Tina: Something is wrong, Papa. Takeru is not coming back.

As we felt, there must be something wrong with my uncle’s laboratory.

Chief: That’s right. Everybody’s Sidi catch may be correct.

Tina: I’m going to help him.

Chief: With your Sidi? Impossible! It is ten thousand years ahead. It is such a high degree of molecules and substances. It is too dangerous. You cannot reach there. Even if you can, materialization is dangerous for you. Your degree of molecules is very little compared with people in that era.

Tina’s letter


“Beloved Papa”

I’m going to help the future world in separation and Takeru, going beyond ten thousand years. Please forgive me. I will go to the future beyond ten thousand years, beyond time and space, to the era of 2022. And I will help him.
You told me I cannot come back anymore. I may be destroyed. You asked, do you still want to go? You worried about me, but excuse me. I am really sorry. But I’ll go anyway.            



Tina went through a narrow road of Sidi. She headed for the future called the year 2022. It is the year after ten thousand years ahead, already materialized. To return to love. To save people who suffer from separation


One night I had a bad dream. I wanted to see Tina, but I couldn’t see her forever. I tossed and tumbled.

Mom said.

Mother: You were desperately screaming. Something like “The”.

Takeru: Mom. It’s “Tina”. It must be.

Mother: I see. It’s Tina. Hum. And then, at the end of the dream, Tina said, “I will wait for you here for hundreds of thousands of years” under a big chestnut tree.

Takeru: Mom, there is Promised Hill at the end of town. Well, why is it called “Promised Hill”?

Mother: Well, I have no idea.

Takeru: How many years does a chestnut tree live?

Mother: Find yourself.

Takeru: (like a monologue): In one thousand years, how many generations will a chestnut tree become?

Mother: I don’t know.

Takeru: Is that so. I’m going to go, after all. It can’t be true, but I’ll go. Lili, let’s go.

Lili and I ran with as fast as I can. To the promised hill. I felt it is where Tina is waiting for me.

That can’t be true. It mustn’t be, but I ran. Lili ran with all her might, as well.


I began to see the hill far ahead. The promised hill, not so, a big chestnut tree at THE PROMISED PLACE

Takeru: No way, Lili. Isn’t the hill shining?

No way! It mustn’t be!

There was a very big chestnut tree when I reached the hill. And under the tree, shining Tina was really standing. She was really there.

Tina: Takeru. You’re late. I waited for ten thousand years.

I embraced her eternally. Yes, eternally. Lili was with us together.