“A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There” Story-9

I found myself in my father’s laboratory. I was little hazy, but I was holding the plasma induction machine firmly that my father developed for the return trip. I gradually returned to consciousness. Someone is standing. Three of them.

Mother: Takeru. Can you hear me? TAKERU?

Takeru: Ah, Mom. What happened? Why are you here?

She burst into tears suddenly. The school principal and Uchida were next to her. I found my father’s laboratory was destroyed when I regain consciousness.

Takeru: What happened?

Mother: Your father is deceased.

Takeru: Eh!

Takeru: What! Dad, what happened?

The principal: Listen, Yoshino. Calm down! The Laboratory was destroyed, and your father fell here.

Crying mother: When I came here to deliver lunch, this was destroyed, and your father fell here.

He was concerned about whether anything happens to you. He spent all day and every day here until you come back. He was worried about you without coming home.

The principal: Takeru. I understand. This must be done by people who believe in a society of separation.

Takeru: (as if interrupting him): Sensei, I saw it. What my father says is real. There is a world of love.

The principal: Yes, Yes, Yes, I thought so. I have always trusted him.

Takeru: Now, I understand. People who believe in separation don’t know. They have no idea about the reality of this world and the beautiful secret of love. It can’t be helped. They are filled with fear within sadness of separation. They will destroy everything, even themselves, forever.

Takeru: Mom, I am sorry I couldn’t protect him. So SORRY.

My mother continued to cry. She continued to nod.

Days have passed since then. It is one year since then. I had no idea to return to Tina except that I can develop a plasma device like my father.

I aimed to become quantum mechanics scientist. I spent days thinking of I want to see Tina again. Promise with Tina, I can’t keep, I can’t go back to the day, to the place.

And my mission is to convey it to the world of love to the whole world. To create a future of love, we launched an animation production group with Uchida and others. It is to convey that there is the world without separation, there is the world with love of oneness, and it is more important for humanity than anything; otherwise, we will be destroyed.

I wrote a screen script. Uchida and others made images and movies freely using computer graphics. And we gave it a title, “A Promised Place”.

My father’s dream, my grandpa’s dream. I hoped to live in justice and love like a long-lasting road to continue to the farthest end. We did everything we could do for the planet to become as such. We believed in the future of love, and it will be realized surely.